ezPOWER MAX 1.5 kW HF+6m PA-Pallet – Watercooled – Pre-Order


This Deposit-Payment reserves you 1 ezPOWER MAX PA-Pallet.
We will contact you as soon as the Unit is ready to ship.
Right before shipping 2nd Payment of 1.500 Euros (excl. shipping cost) will be charged.

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Pre-order the new ezPOWER MAX 1.5 kW HF+6m Linear LDMOS Power-Amplifer Pallet

Mit dieser Anzahlung reservieren Sie 1 Stk. ezPOWER MAX PA-Pallet inklusive Wasserkühlung.
Die Anzahlung wird dem Endpreis von 1.680,00 Euro in Abzug gebracht, der Rest von 1.500 Euro (+ Versand) wird erst kurz vor Auslieferung fällig.
Derzeit sammeln wir die Bestellungen noch, der Liefertermin wird bekannt gegeben, sobald das erste Fertigungs-Los gestartet wird.


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Electrical Specifications

  • 1500W average Power – except 6m (1300W average Power) @62VDS
    Capable of running all Modulation-Modes like SSB, CW, AM, FM, FT8, RTTY, etc.
  • Frequency Range: all Amateur Bands 160m to 6m (1.8 MHz – 54 MHz)
  • Ampleon ART2K0FE LDMOS Power Transistor (2000W, 65VDS)
  • Broadband Tube-and-Sleeve-Transformer with quiet forced Air-Cooling
  • Input ATT
    • Switchable -6 dB or -16 dB
    • 3W in SDR Mode (-6 dB onboard Att.), approx. 30-50W in TRX Mode (-16 dB onboard Att.)
  • Input VSWR: better than 1 : 1,5
  • Linearity (IMD3), Average of all Bands @1kW:
    • Two-Tone: -37 dBc (-43 dBc PEP)
      (without Predistortion)
    • Two-Tone: -61 dBc (-67 dBc PEP)
      (with Predistortion)
  • Efficiency and Current @ full Power
    • Average of all Bands: h » 82 %                IDS » 31 Amps (35 Amps max.)
  • No Time-Limit for transmitting in SSB and CW Modes on all Bands (with Water-Cooling only)


Onboard Features

  • RX/TX Relays
  • Insertion Path in RX/TX-Chain for Low-Pass-Filter Bank
  • Adjustable static ALC Voltage to limit the TRX Output-Power and to prevent Power-Peaks
  • SWR Bridge with FWD/REF Signal Outputs, logarithmic (0-12V)
  • -60 dB Sampler Output (Predistortion/Linearization exclusively for HPSDR-compatible Radios)
  • Fully analog ultrafast Hardware-Protection Circuit with instant Powerstage-Deactivation
    • Overcurrent adjustable
    • High SWR adjustable
    • High Output-Power adjustable
    • High Temperature PTT off at Cu-Temp. > 75 °C
  • Extension-Header (2×5-Pin 2,54mm)
    • Hardware-Protection Status
    • Powerstage Supply Voltage and Current
    • Output Power (logarithmic 0-12V)
    • SWR (logarithmic 0-12V)
    • Temperature Cu-Plate (LM35 analog, 10 mV/°C Voltage-Output)
  • 2x 12 VDC Connectors for Fans, Temperature controlled (4-Pin Molex)
  • 1x 12 VDC Connector for Water-Pump, unregulated (4-Pin Molex)
  • Onboard Power Supplies
    • 12 VDC (8A max.), for external Use providing up to 4A
    • 5 VDC (1A max.), internal Use only

Mechanical Specifications

  • 4-Layer PCB with all 2oz (4x 70 µm) Copper
  • Board Dimensions: (L) 230mm, (W) 100mm, (H) 40mm
  • Compatible with Air- and Water-Cooling Systems
  • LDMOS Transistor clamped to Cu-Plate using Liquid Metal between
    Surfaces providing best electrical and thermal Conductivity
  • Heat Spreader Dimensions: (L) 150mm, (W) 127mm, (H) 6mm
  • Aluminum-Plate with 4-Pass Cu-Tubing for Water-Cooling
    • Dimensions: (L) 153mm, (W) 127mm, (H) 15mm
    • Thermal Resistance: 0.02 K/W at 5.7 Liter/min Waterflow

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